Benefits of Working with a Staffing Firm in Your Job Search

You can save time and reduce the stress of your job searching by choosing to work with a staffing company. It can be to your benefit to take advantage of their expertise and knowledge, as explained in the blog below by Tia Fabi.

Between hours of perusing job boards and company career pages, customizing your resume, and applying for a number of open opportunities, the hunt for a new role can be isolating and chaotic. The job search process is a nerve-wracking experience for many, and without receiving any feedback on where you may be missing the mark, it only serves to amplify the emotional stress around trying to make a career move.

But, guess what? You don't have to pursue this journey alone. Why not partner with a professional staffing agency to aid you in your efforts? After all, staffing companies have comprehensive market insight, are in the trenches each day speaking with employers and candidates, and have inside experience on how to navigate the job search process. Here's a look at the advantages of working with a staffing firm to help you uncover your next career opportunity.

Access to Confidential Jobs

One of the most valuable aspects of aligning yourself with a staffing firm is having access to opportunities that a regular job seeker wouldn't be able to find on the web. Staffing professionals possess the expertise necessary for finding harmony between your skill sets and the jobs available in the marketplace. What's more, they are also privy to positions that aren't necessarily advertised on job boards or employer career pages. Before posting a position out to the general public, clients often provide their staffing partner with confidential job listings as a way to access the staffing firm's internal talent pool of highly-qualified, vetted candidates.

Various Opportunities at Your Fingertips

Many individuals aren't equipped with a thermometer that can magically gauge what direction they should take in their career. When you're on the job hunt, if you don't have a clear direction of the types of opportunities you wish to pursue, you'll wind up feeling like you're tossing your resume into a black hole, hoping it'll surface somewhere. By working with a recruiter, however, you have a personal advocate on your side to provide invaluable guidance and help you discover where your strengths would be best suited. There may be opportunities or industries out there you've never considered, but once you're introduced to it by your dedicated recruiter, you realize it's what you've been searching for all along.

Feedback from Job Application

It's not uncommon to apply for a job and then never hear anything back from the employer because they've decided not to invite you to interview. This could be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are sending your resume out to various companies with no real sense of direction or strategy. With a recruiter, you will receive valuable feedback that'll help aid you in the success of your career. Whether it’s to divulge all the aspects about your background and experience that the employer thinks is a good fit for the role, or to reveal why the employer will not be moving you forward in the interview process, they'll provide actionable insight and mentor you on how to proceed moving forward.

Tips to Help You Improve

Maybe you need to fine-tune your interview skills. Or, maybe you aren't sure what constitutes as proper attire for an interview. With a recruiter by your side, you will receive coaching on how to nail your interview, what you can expect to be asked, details on who you'll be meeting with, and advice on how to best structure your resume.

You may have never considered using a recruitment agency before. You may have the mindset that the only positions you will get are temporary ones. But, every agency is different and because they work with a myriad of clients, there are a multitude of opportunities for you to tap into. Whether you're seeking a short-term assignment or you’re looking for a full-time, permanent position, a staffing firm will ask you about your career goals and aspirations to present you with the best opportunities out there.

(Source: Tia Fabi, HumanEdge)

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