Step Up Your Job Interviewing Game

Many of us have been in the position of prepping for a job interview and felt uncertain about how we, and our presentation, will be perceived. Are we really going to make the impression we hope to? Can we pull it off? Billie Sucher, a blogger with Career Hub, has some solid tools to boost your confidence in accomplishing that goal. Read on!

When I begin a session with a client, I inquire about his or her goals and expectations of our meeting. That particular day, the client shared that she needed interview help. Her most recent interview had gone well in her mind, though the recruiter advised that the company she had interviewed with described her as “wishy-washy.”


We looked up synonyms for wishy-washy:

“feeble, ineffectual, weak, vapid, effete, gutless, spineless, limp, namby-pamby, spiritless, indecisive, characterless, pathetic, pale, insipid, pallid, muted, pastel.”

Has anyone ever called you wishy-washy at a job interview?

If so, here are a few ideas to help you share your story in a more convincing, compelling and credible manner:

  • Know explicit facts about your brand prior to the job interview. Be specific, not generic with the facts: Instead of saying “I was born in Texas and am very experienced and very educated,” state the facts: “I have 14 years leadership experience in banking, serving in demanding environments, managing five work groups and earning three promotions since 2010. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business with an MBA slated for completion in May 2016.”

  • Know your contributions. With conviction and clarity, be able to recount five specific achievements, accomplishments or key results you have attained in the past five years. Do not think on the employer’s time. Be well versed in how you have made a difference at your respective place of employment.

  • Make it easy for the listener (hiring manager/corporate recruiter) to get to know you and your story. Put yourself in their shoes – would you delight in dragging information out of a candidate over a 30 or 40 minute block of time?

  • Prepare your presentation in advance. One of the most efficient ways to prepare for an interview is to create a PowerPoint. If you don’t know how to do PowerPoint, find 10 sheets of blank paper and commence filling in the pages with the best of you and your story. Focus solely on experience, education and employee traits relevant to the job.

  • Practice your presentation three to five times before you go to the job interview. Practice standing up and dressed in your best interview attire. Know what you are dealing with before you deal with it.

The next time you go to an interview, do your very best to move from Wishy-Washy to Wow. My client did and she landed the “job of her dreams!” So can you!

(Source: Billie Sucher, Career Hub blog contributor)

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