10 Ways to Ask for the Job at the Interview

If you find yourself really wanting that job, don't be afraid to ask for it at the interview! Robin Madell offers 10 ways to do that in her blog below.

WONDERING HOW TO ASK for a job? If you really want a particular job, then simply asking for it at the end of your interview may help seal the deal. Hiring managers like hearing an interviewee say they want the job – it shows an enthusiasm for the role and confirms that you’re invested in earning it. It would be a rare manager who wouldn’t be flattered by someone expressing that they sincerely want to be awarded the position that the company is offering.

While it may feel uncomfortable to come out and directly ask for what you want, it’s important to remember that you’re bringing something valuable to the table: your skills and experience. If you keep this in mind, it can help level the playing field and boost your confidence as you prepare to ask for a job in person.

While you shouldn’t fear hearing “no” or feel that it’s presumptuous or too forward to indicate you would genuinely like the job, you should be sure that you indeed truly want the position. If you have any hesitation or uncertainty or think you may be applying for the wrong reasons, then don’t lead the employer astray by suggesting otherwise.

Assuming you really want the opportunity, keep in mind that the way that you go about phrasing your ask can make or break whether or not your request is effective. Consider this list of potential phrases to say when asking for a job at the end of an interview – without sounding like you’re begging.

10 Ways to Ask for a Job at the Interview

  • “After hearing you discuss the position, I remain confident that I’d be a great fit for it. I’d love to join your team to help you reach your goals.”

  • “The position sounds amazing, and I’m very excited about what the company is doing. I’d love to be seriously considered for this position.”

  • “After talking with you, I feel like we’d work really well together. Is there anything else I can tell you about my background to help convince you to hire me?”

  • “I’m very excited about what you’ve explained you’re looking for in this position, because I feel I’m a perfect fit for it. Do you have a sense yet of when you’ll be making a final decision? I’d love to work with you and your team.”

  • “I’d love the chance to help you and your team reach the goals you’ve described, and I’m confident that I can bring a lot to the table with my background and skill set. I really hope we can work together.”

  • “In all honesty, I am confident that I could really excel in this position based on my experience, and I would love to help you take your (team/product/service) to the next level. What are the next steps in your hiring process?”

  • “I was already excited about this opportunity before the interview, and now that we’ve spoken, I feel even more certain that I’d be the right fit for your team. Is there anything else I can tell you about my background or skills to help you make your decision?”

  • “I’m confident that I’d be able to help your team based on my experience doing X, Y and Z. I hope you agree this is a strong background given the goals that you shared with me today, and I’d love to leverage my expertise to help you reach those goals.”

  • “I’m very interested in the position. Do you have any more questions for me?”

  • “I hope I’ve convinced you that I’m the right person for this job, as I really feel that I could bring a lot to the table in this job. Is there anything else I can share to help you better understand my background and experience?"

(Source: Robin Madell, Contributor, Money/USNews.com)

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